Map: Latest Updates on Khan Tuman front

Friday, 31 January 2020 - 23:51

ISWNews Analysis Group: Clashes between the Resistance forces and Tahrir al-Sham terrorists continue on the southern axis of Khan Tuman in southwest of Aleppo city.

Resistance forces are now seeking the complete liberation of the Qarrasi farms as well as the Qarrasi village. The news about the liberation of Qarrasi is not correct until now…

Silos in the south of Khan Tuman is one of the main obstacles for the advancement of forces on this axis and must be dealt with before advancing in the southern depths!
Also today, 17 terrorists were captured by the Resistance forces in the terrorists herd raid on Khan Tuman.

In the west of Aleppo, with the withdrawal of troops from al-Sahafiyin(Journalists), this area once again occupied by terrorists.

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