Latest updates on Afghanistan, 22 March 2020

Taliban and security forces heavy engagement in Dowlat Abad and Balkh road.

– Taliban’s attack to security forces stations in Ghabragi area, 25 security forces killed.
– Defense ministry: 32 Taliban militants killed in Qunduz and Zabul by security forces operation.

Due to a mine explosion in Panjwaei district, one soldier died, two injured.

Rocket attack to US base in Bagram. Some sources accuse ISIS and some others Taliban.

Sare Pol:
Taliban’s attacks to Sayyad and Gusfandi districts, two security forces killed and nine injured.

Defense minister of Ashraf Ghani administration:
Since the violence did not stopped, we resume operation against Taliban. To fight Corona virus, we offered ceasefire to Taliban.

Zalmay Khalil Zad:
Afghan leaders should agree on unity administration and end the crisis.


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