Latest updates on Afghanistan, 20 April 2020

Monday, 20 April 2020 - 16:57

ISWNews Analysis Group: Due to Taliban attack to security forces in Khaja Ghar district Takhar province, 18 were killed and three injured.

1. Takhar:
– Governor of Khaja Ghar reported of imminent threat of fall of the district in case the central government does not help.
– According to local officials, Taliban is very close to center of Takhar and in the last five days engagement, 23 of security forces were killed and six injured.

2. Herat:
– Dare Takht area of Chasht district was occupied by Taliban.
– Taliban attack to Kashk Kohne district was repelled by security forces. 15 Taliban militias were killed.

3. Faryab:
Taliban attack to Qaysar district resulted in death and injury of 13 Taliban militias. Eight of security forces martyred and injured.

4. Paktika:
Due to road side mine explosion six people died in Paktika.

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