Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 18 May 2020

Tuesday, 19 May 2020 - 09:51

Latest news from Afghanistan fronts

1. Ghazni:
– Due to a brutal crime five people in Dare Qiyaq district of Jaghtu were murdered and set ablaze. Local sources accuse Taliban. The photo shows this crime.
– Due to explosion of a car near national security HQ in Ghazni seven died and more than 40 injured. Taliban took responsibility.

2. Afghanistan national security council:
From 29 February so far, Taliban launched more than 3,800 terrorist attacks in different points of Afghanistan, which is significantly higher than last year.

3. Jozjan
Due to Taliban attack to Qosh Tappah district last night five of people’s immobilization forces martyred.

4. Takhar
Due to Taliban attack to Hazara Qashlaq village in Yangi Qalaa district seven of people’s immobilization forces martyred and two injured.

5. Afghanistan defense ministry:
Airforce attacks to Taliban positions in provinces Qunduz, Maydan Wardak, Ghor, Helmand and Badakhshan killed more than 30 Taliban militants.

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