Did Turkey step down from its stances in Libya?

Thursday 23 July 20 - 19:51

ISWNews Analysis Group: Turkish Foreign Ministry reported of agreeing with Russia on a long-term stable ceasefire in Libya between GNA and LNA.

Ankara said that it agreed with Russia that the Libyan conflict would not be resolved through military means and that it could only be settled through a UN-facilitated, Libyan-led-and-owned political process.

Therefore, Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Turkey and Russia continue their joint efforts including encouraging the conflict sides in Libya to achieve the long-term stable ceasefire.

This new stance by Turkey was announced while until now Turkish army was promoting the war and advances toward center of Libya to occupy Sirte town and al-Jufrah base by dispatching more of its soldiers and Syrian mercenaries and installing military equipment including SAMs for GNA.

It seems Russia’s political and military reactions after LNA defeats and specially sending warplanes to support Haftar and also Egypt’s stark opposition to Turkey’s advances in Libya and its parliament vote to send Egypt army to Libya war, put Ankara in a difficult situation and Erdogan was forces to step down from engaging in an all inclusive war.



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