Latest updates on Iraq, 8 September 2020

Tuesday 8 September 2020 - 15:04

The headline of the latest news and the most important developments in Iraq in the last 48 hours

– Turkish Ministry of Defense stated the end of cleansing stage in Kurdistan Iqlim of Iraq in operation “Claw-Tiger”.
Nevertheless, despite a statement from the Turkish Ministry of Defense, the northern areas of Dohuk province and Kani Masi area were heavily bombed by Turkish fighter jets on Tuesday.

– ISIS attack neutralized in Khanaqin area, a Hashad Sha’abi commander martyred.
28th Brigade of Hashad Sha’abi forces repelled ISIS attack in Diyala province. In the conflict, Hosein al-Miyahi, a commander of 28th Brigade of Hashad Sha’abi, was martyred by ISIS sniper.

– Cleansing east of Samarra from ISIS terrorists.
Hashad Sha’abi 313th Brigade cleansed Karka area, east of Samarra, after intelligence about ISIS cores in the area.

– US terrorist troops were attacked in Victory base, Baghdad, by three Katyusha rockets.
Several English vehicles G4S, which provide security services for Baghdad airport, burnt due to the rockets. Iraqi PM ordered investigation.

– Son of Ayatollah Sistani’s delegate in Bashir town, Kirkuk province, martyred due to mortars fired to the town.

– Patrol and cleansing operation in south of border town al-Qaim, west of Anabr province, by Hashad Sha’abi and Iraqi army forces.

– Roadside bomb blast en route Iraqi police in Fallujah. ISIS took the responsibility.

– Iraqi parliament resumed after three months.
The primary goal of the parliament is to reform the election law for the early election. Halbusi, head of the parliament, and Kadhimi, Iraqi PM, had several meetings.

– US terrorist forces logistical caravans being attacked in Hillah and north of Baghdad.

– Rocket attack to US terrorist soldiers in Taji base.

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