Yemen War Report – September 11, 2020

Tuesday 15 September 2020 - 08:19

Ansar Allah Eliminates ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Northwestern Al-Baydha

On August 9, Ansar Allah and popular committees of Yemen with help of northwest of al-Baydha province tribes launched a vast operation against Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists in this area.

In recent years, Saudi-led coalition occupied lands in al-Baydha province specially northwest of the province became base for Takfiri-Wahhabi terrorists of ISIS and Al Qaeda.

According to trustworthy available evidences, collaboration between Saudi-led coalition forces and ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists in al-Baydha and helping them to attack Ansar Allah are proven.
Ansar Allah and popular committees operation carried out with focus on districts of al-Qurayshiyah and Walad al-Rabi’ in northwest of al-Baydha and Ansar Allah forces could liberate 1,000 km2 of land occupied by ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists in 10 days.

With the new advances, the remainder of ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists fled to depth of Saudi coalition territories in Ma’rib province; and northwest of al-Baydha is completely cleansed from terrorists occupation.
It is noteworthy that during Ansar Allah operation against terrorists of ISIS and Al Qaeda, Saudi-led coalition warplanes helped terrorists and provided aerial support.

Ansar Allah operation in south, north and west of Ma’rib province continue against the Saudi-led coalition positions.
On August 30, Ansar Allah forces launched heavy attacks in the south of Marb province to liberate the village of al-Amoud, the center of al-Maheliyah district, and managed to liberate the area within four days.
Following this operation, the al-Maheliyah district was completely liberated from the occupation of the Saudi-led coalition forces and the clashes reached to the al-Rahbah district.
Currently, clashes in this front continue for the complete liberation of al-Rahbah district

On August 14, Ansar Allah and popular committees launched heavy attacks in north of Ma’rib against the Saudi-led coalition positions and could liberate heights of dessert area in north of the province.
Liberation of bases al-Kanayis and al-Ruwaik in this front is the key to depth of Ma’rib province for Ansar Allah.

On August 22, Ansar Allah launched a heavy operation in south and west of Ma’rib province against the Saudi-led coalition positions with aim of claiming strategic base of “Maas”.
Ansar Allah and popular committees liberated the village of Madghal, the center of Madghal district, on August 31.
Maas base as the headquarters of the Saudi coalition in the west of Ma’rib province, is the most important base and military point in the region, and its liberation could be the key to greater advances in Ma’rib and beyond.


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