Latest Updates on Iraq, 10 October 2020

Saturday 10 October 2020 - 19:11

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Iraqi government had reached an important deal with the Kurdistan Regional Government over the governance and security of Sinjar.

1- Agreement between the central government and the KRG on Sinjar.
According to reports, with the agreement reached, the Sinjar administration will be jointly under the Iraqi government and Iraqi Kurdistan, and the armed forces(including PKK) will leave the city and move 5 kilometers away from it.
Some believe that Kadhimi’s recent agreements with political parties in the Kurdistan Region are in exchange for their support for Kadhimi’s list in the upcoming Iraqi elections.

2- According to Iraqi sources, 14 million 553 thousand 308 people participated in the Arbaeen Hosseini pilgrim this year.

3- Abdul Aziz Al-Mohammadavi, known as “Abu Fadak”, the Deputy Chief of Staff of Hashad al-Shaabi in the Arbaeen Operation Room, thanked all the forces that were involved in holding and providing security for the Arbaeen pilgrims.

4- Military movements and security situation in Baghdad.
Iraqi forces made headlines with their military and security movements and the relocation of several tanks to the security zone of Baghdad and the US embassy in the area. The move is said to have been ordered by al-Kadhimi to secure the US embassy, ​​although some Iraqi media outlets believe it is a routine move by Iraqi forces.

5- Massoud Barzani’s meeting and conversation with the French Consul General about the situation in the region.

6. Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein: The technical committee that will be formed after the US election will decide on the timing of the withdrawal of Iraqi forces from Iraq.

7- Demonstrations in some Iraqi cities.
In Nasiriyah, protesters set fire to tires and blocked some roads.
Muqtada al-Sadr issued several statements stating the conditions for the demonstrators, calling the violators as infiltrators or affiliated with foreign factions.

8. The Iraqi Ministry of Defense’s intelligence service announced today the arrest of an ISIS terrorist leader, known as the “Emir of Fallujah” and its military official, as well as a terrorist group that was responsible for the recent bombing of Fallujah.

9- Hashad al-Shaabi forces managed to neutralize the ISIS attack in the south of Samarra.

10. Masrour Barzani, the local prime minister of the Iraqi Kurdistan region, had a phone call with the US Secretary of Energy.

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