Latest Updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 12 Dec 2020

Saturday, 12 December 2020 - 20:34

Latest news from Afghanistan fronts and India-Pakistan clashes in Kashmir

– Kabul
3 rockets reportedly landed near Kabul Airport and seven in residential areas, leaving one civilian dead and two wounded, according to the Interior Ministry. ISIS took responsibility of the attack.

– Badghis
Taliban attack to the army and security forces in Ab Kamari district.

– Kunduz
– Due to mortar fire in Imam Saheb district two civilians martyred.
– Afghanistan army and Taliban conflict in Khan Abad district.

– Qandahar
– Taliban destroyed Mulla Naqibullah Akhund bridge in Arghandab district to stop Afghan army advances. (image)
– Afghan army and Taliban conflict in Panjwai district.
– American fighters bombed Taliban positions in Lakukhil area, Zhari district. Due to this attack, Taliban threatened USA for retaliation.

– Hamdullah Mohib National Security Adviser of Afghanistan met with Iranian Deputy Foreign Ministe, Abbas Araghchi. Both sides discussed bilateral relations and the peace process.

– Balkh
Due to Taliban ambush in Balkh-Charbulak road two Afghan soldiers died and five injured.

– ISIS terrorist group took responsibility of murder of Mallali Maywand, Afghan TV reporter in Jalalabad district.

– Pakistan and Kashmir:
– Pakistan FM rejected the news of transporting foreign militants to Kashmir.
– Pakistan state ministry demands disarming of military branches of political and religious parties by the states.
– Due to conflict between India and Pakistan at the border, two Pakistan soldiers died.

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