Opinion: Power transition in US, blood shedding in middle east!

 J. Reza
Author: J. Reza
Sunday 24 January 2021 - 21:10

These hot days in the region, although look very turbulent, but actually we are observing a repeating dangerous and bloodshedding situation…

The power transition in USA, when interpreted intermediately, means ISIS will be resurfaced and attacks increase in Syria and Iraq.

But when it is deeply interpreted we should seek changes in Saudi Arabia and Turkey.
The same way that if regional and international powers were not influencing, we wouldn’t see ISIS to grow that fast in 2014, today if their interests were not in chaos, we wouldn’t see ISIS to resurface again.

It is naive if the incidents of last ten years of west of Asia is observed and think the recent ISIS activities in east and center of Syria, suicide attack in Tayran square of Baghdad, ISIS attack to Saladdin and drone attack to Riyadh are observed but not considered part of a big puzzle.
This time the game is so obvious that the other side didn’t wait to confront ISIS and moved to the source.

When Riyadh air defense system activated yesterday and Ansar Allah rejected any attack to Riyadh, the other option was south of Iraq!
An unknown Iraqi Resistance group released a statement and took the responsibility of the attacks and called it a retaliation to Saud family intrigue (in supporting Baghdad suicide attack).

Obviously Iraqi Resistance cannot do such attacks standalone and should be done from south of Iraq, as in the case of attacking Aramco. However this was only a warning.

In any case, Iran showed in recent months that is willing to be unpredictable or show out of control behavior to change the regional and international enemies calculations. This attack is considered in the same direction of nuclear advances and maritime sovereignty in Persian Gulf.

We should wait and see what policies Biden administration will take, specially with the advances blows of the conflict sides which won’t be easy. The region won’t have calm days.

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