Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 9 February 2021

Tuesday, 9 February 2021 - 11:16

ISWNews Analysis Group: 4 employees of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development were killed in an attack by unidentified gunmen in Bagh-e-Daud area of Kabul’s PD5.

1- Taliban negotiating committee travel to Turkmenistan.
Taliban spokesperson in a press conference: Taliban will provide security for the project of TAPI (gas pipeline to Pakistan).

2- Qandahar
– In recent conflict of Taliban and the army in Panjwai, Zharey, Dand and Arghandab districts 31 Taliban militants killed, 6 wounded and 9 arrested.
– In the airforce air raid to Taliban forces in Panjwai district 15 militants killed and injured.

3- Helmand
– A Taliban commander and six militants were killed in the airforce air raid in Nahre Seraj district.
– Afghanistan special forces released four civilians from Taliban prisons in Gershek district.

4- Nangarhar
– In the army and Taliban conflict in Shirzad and Hesarak districts 18 Taliban militants killed. The army shelled Taliban positions two times.
– A bomb vehicle exploded in Khogyani area; three killed and many wounded. Above photo.

5- Uruzgan
– In the army operation in Gizab district nine Taliban militants killed, four wounded and two arrested.
– Due to Taliban and the army conflict in Chorah district 13 Taliban militants killed, nine wounded and three Taliban trenches destroyed.

6- Faryab
Due to the army attacks to Taliban positions in Shirin Tagab district 14 killed and 6 wounded.

7- Farah
Due to the army operation in Poshte Roud district eight Taliban militants killed and one arrested.

8- Meidan Wardak
Investigating committee of recent incidents in Behsud said the protesters were unarmed and suspended chief of police in Meidan Wardak and sent the case to Afghanistan attorney.

9- Herat
4 members of the Popular Protection Forces were killed in a roadside bomb blast on the Herat-Islam Qala highway.

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