Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 22 February 2021

Monday, 22 February 2021 - 08:04

1- European human rights court rejected Afghan citizen complain that a German commander killed his family members in 2009 in Kunduz. The German commander ordered to target a tanker of fuel which resulted in martyrdom of almost 100 civilians including children.

2- Kabul
– Due to three terrorist blasts in Karte Parwan area in fourth district, Sarak Dar al-Aman in sixth district and Vahdat bridge in third district of Kabul at least four killed and four wounded. Above photo.
– Security forces arrested five ISIS and Haqqani members in Kabul.

3- Kandahar
– Afghan army neutralized 76 mines and booby traps in Maiwand road.
– 17 Taliban militants killed and 10 wounded in the army’s operation in districts Maiwand, Arghandab and Panjwai.

4- Helmand
– Afghan army neutralized 53 mines and booby traps planted by Taliban in Lashgar Gah roads.
– Blast near security forces station in Lashgar Gah district killed one and wounded 15 civilians.

5- Uruzgan
Airforce air raid to Taliban forces in xxx. DM claims to destroy two military vehicles and seven killed and four injured.

6- Faryab
Clashes between Army and Taliban were reported in Shirin Tagab

7- Paktika
Due to security forces operation in Gomal area, four Taliban militants arrested with weapons and ammo.

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