Latest Updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 24 February 2021

Wednesday, 24 February 2021 - 18:28

1- According to the United Nations, in 2020, 3,035 civilians were killed and 5,785 were injured in the war in Afghanistan.
Of these, 817 people belong to Kabul province, 712 people belong to Balkh province, 576 people belong to Faryab province and another 576 people belong to Nangarhar province.

2- Kandahar:
– Army airstrike targeted a gathering of Taliban forces in Nahre Saraj district.
– Army airstrikes Targeted the Taliban weapons depot in the district of Arghistan
– Army airstrikes Targeted positions of Taliban in Arghandab district. (Image)
– According to a statement from the Afghan Ministry of Defense, 22 Taliban members were killed and three others were wounded during army operations in Arghandab, Zharey, Miyanshin and Shah Wali Kot districts. A weapons depot and two Taliban military vehicles were also destroyed, and 17 mines and booby traps were discovered and defused.

3- Maydan Wardak:
Two members of the security forces were killed in a Taliban attack on security checkpoints on the outskirts of Maidanshahr.

4- Logar:
Nine members of the security forces were killed in a Taliban attack on a security checkpoint on the outskirts of Pol-e Alam.

5- Kapisa:
The Afghan Army Special Forces operation against Taliban positions in Najrab city resulted in the death of a number of Taliban members.

6- Farah:
Fire in the joint market of Iran and Afghanistan at the Abu Nasr border crossing.

7- Pakistan:
Four people were killed when unknown gunmen attacked a car carrying social activists in the North Waziristan region.

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