Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 18 April 2021

Sunday, 18 April 2021 - 21:37

ISWNews Analysis Group: Taliban attack to the Army positions in south of Afghanistan; several areas fell in Zabul province.

1- Zabul:
– Taliban claimed to occupy Mizan district. Government sources have not commented yet.
– Chino area in Shajoy district was occupied by Taliban. Some sources claimed the army suffered by 28 kills and wounded.

2- Ghazni:
According to local sources, Qarah Bagh district is under siege by Taliban but the army rejected it and claimed Taliban suffered by 22 kills and 8 wounded.

3- Farah
Government forces released 20 of Taliban prisoners in Bakwa district.

4- Nimruz:
– According to Afghanistan DM report, in the conflicts and air raids to Taliban positions in Khashrood and Delaram districts, 22 militants killed.
– The army released 20 of their prisoners from Taliban’s prisons in an operation in xxx district, in which seven Taliban militants including one commander killed. The photo.

5- Paktiya:
An IED vehicle explosion in station of popular committees in Gardiz district.

6- Watson Study Center announced that since US assault to Afghanistan in 2001 so far more than 240 thousand people have been killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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