Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 5 June 2021

Saturday, 5 June 2021 - 07:26

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Taliban have claimed control over the districts of Farsi in Herat province, Deh Yak in Ghazni province, Shinkay in Zabul province and Gizab in Daykundi province.

1- Daykundi:
The Taliban claimed heavy attacks on Farsi district in Herat province and Gizab district in Daykundi province last night, which is not true so far.
According to an ISWNews field source , the Shiites of Gizab district have migrated from this district in the past months and the areas have been captured by the Taliban in recent months. So far, the police headquarters is now controlled by security forces, and other parts of Gizab have been captured by the Taliban.

2- Herat:
In recent days, the Taliban have launched large-scale attacks on Herat province by mobilizing forces from other provinces, seeking to seize the district of Ghourian, Golran, Farsi, Adraskan and Kahsan. The fall of the districts of Golran, Kahsan and Ghourian will directly affect Herat’s land connection with Iran, and this tension could also lead to economic losses for Iran.
Scattered clashes are currently taking place in Ghourian, and Afghan Army reinforcements have reached Ghourian from Herat.
In Farsi district, the Taliban have claimed complete control of the area, But local sources have only confirmed the death of Seyyed Shafiq Jahed, the district’s police chief, along with three other security forces.

3- Zabul:
In Zabul province, the Taliban have also carried out heavy attacks on Shinkay and Shahjoy districts. The district of Shinkay allegedly captured by Taliban.
The fall of these two district paves the way for the fall of Qalat, the capital of Zabul province, and the fall of Qalat completely blocks the Kandahar-Kabul land route.

4- Ghazni:
In this province, the Taliban have claimed control of the district of Deh Yak following the withdrawal of security forces.

In general, the security situation in Afghanistan has changed in recent months, and field changes due to the Taliban’s special model of controlling the areas can only be reported with the approval of official sources or video documents.

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