US top general remarks regarding Iran’s drone prowess

Wednesday, 9 June 2021 - 12:23

ISWNews Analysis Group: General Kenneth McKenzie, commander of the US central command (CENTCOM) in a briefing for the House of Representatives talked about drone power of Iran in wars of Yemen and Iraq.

General McKenzie said in a briefing session with House Armed Services Committee:

“Iran’s widespread use of small and medium-sized drones for surveillance and aggression means that, for the first time since the Korean War, we are not operating with complete air superiority, and Iran has used drones to destroy American full air superiority.”

– While indirect negotiation between Iran and USA is happening in Vienna, Iran is a daily threat for US and its allies in west of Asia.

– Iran backed Houthis in Yemen (AnsarAllah) attacked military, infrastructure and civilian targets in Saudi Arabia 150 times using drone and missile.

– Until we can create a network to detect and defeat this superiority of using drones, Iran stays aggressive in the region.

– US soldiers can defend themselves against Taliban attacks but targeting terrorists in Afghanistan after US leaves is difficult.

– Even though all of American personnel including military contractors will leave Afghanistan in future months but USA can still work in this country.

– Russia is trying to limit and weaken US influence in the region using its military power and China is trying to use economical tools to fill US gap in the region by exploitative debt traps, the Belt and Road Initiative, and medical diplomacy with their vaccine, which has dubious efficacy, to try to expand its influence.

The report of general McKenzie shows the deep blows by AnsarAllah, Palestinian Resistance and Iraq to positions of USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia in the region. The superiority is caused by Iran’s drone and missile power and transferring the technology to the Resistance groups. A power that USA spent 3 billion dollars in the range of 1990-1995 but could not help them.

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