Latest Updates on Iraq, 19 June 2021

Saturday 19 June 2021 - 20:01

1- Kirkuk:
– Acquiring precise information Iraqi security forces could arrest 10 ISIS terrorists who were hiding.
– Troops of Hashad Sha’abi 56th brigade neutralized ISIS terrorists rocket attack in Hawijah area. After searching the area, another anti armor missile was discovered yesterday.

2- Anbar:
– Iraqi security forces arrested an ISIS terrorist in Anbar province.
– On 16 June an American army logistical convoy was hit. Group ‘International Resistance Faction’ took the responsibility of the attack.

3- Nineveh:
– Four IEDs, two detonators, 20 mortars and some ammo were discovered by Samarra.
– Iraqi security forces discovered five ready to launch rockets.

4- Maysan:
Iraqi police: An officer of Counter Terrorism Service was assassinated in southeast of the province.

5- Qadesiyah:
On 17 June, the Resistance groups targeted an American army logistical convoy in Diwaniyah.

6- Baghdad:
On 12 June, the Resistance groups attacked the runway in Camp Victory used by US air force using suicide drones.

7- Some American officials told Wall Street journal that US will remove Patriot SAMs from Iraq, Saudi Arabia and some other countries.

8- Counter Terrorism Service received six million dollars of ammo and equipment from international coalition.

9- ISIS took responsibility of bombing three poles of power transmission in Diyala province and claims two are destroyed and the third one is damaged.

10- 14 ISIS terrorists arrested in Kirkuk and Nineveh provinces.

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