US Airstrike Killed 6 Children in Kabul

Monday, 30 August 2021 - 10:27

ISWNews Analysis Group: On August 29, nine civilians including six children were killed by the US drone attack on an alleged ISIS target near Kabul Airport.

The United States claims that in a drone strike, it targeted an ISIS member who was planning to carry out a suicide operation at Kabul Airport. But the death toll from the attack says otherwise.

The names and ages of the 9 victims are as follows:
Zamrai 40 years old, Nasir 30 years old, Zamir 20 years old, Faisal 10 years old, Farzad 9 years old, Armin 4 years old, Benyamin 3 years old, Ayat and Somayeh 2 years old.

Sources also spoke to a member of the family, stating that none of the victims had any connection to ISIS or other terrorist groups.

Aftermath of US drone strike near Kabul Airport
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