Latest updates on Afghanistan, 15 September 2021

Wednesday, 15 September 2021 - 19:14

ISWNews Analysis Group: The summit of Shia scholars was held in Mazar-e Sharif, center of Balkh province in presence of the elders and people.

1- EU parliament issuing a resolution regarding Afghanistan, demanded Ahmad Massoud invitation to session of the parliament and the Council of the European Union.

2- Afghanistan Shia scholars committee in meeting with people of Balkh, thanking Taliban’s endeavors to provide security, asked everyone to cut the foreigner’s hand from Afghanistan, recognize Shia in the constitution, temporary government’s attention to people’s difficult livelihood, using clean and honest people in the positions and specialists from all tribes in the future government. The photo shows the summit.

3- Panjshir:
Taliban media reported to discover several ammo hideouts in Panjshir.

4- Local sources releasing images claim that ammo is transported from Kunar province to Pakistan border.

5- Qari Fasihuddin, chief of staff of Taliban:
Disrupters will be surpassed and we won’t let civil war to happen in Afghanistan. Afghanistan soon will have a strong army to defend the country.

6- The Red Cross international committee in a report: 80% increase of wounded in the war this year compared to last year and the number of wounded is more than 41 thousand.

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