Military exercises in Al-Tanf and CONOCO; There is no attack!

Sunday 5 December 21 - 21:37

ISWNews Analysis Group: Contrary to some media reports, there was no attack on US military base in the Al-Tanf area and the CONOCO gas facility, and the sound was related to military exercises.

On December 5, local sources reported the sound of several explosions inside the US base at Al-Tanf area on the Syrian-Iraqi border. However, our sources denied the news of the possible attack on Al-Tanf base, stating that the explosions were related to the military exercises of the forces stationed at this base.

It should be noted that this exercise took place a month after Brigadier Richard Bell, the British Deputy Commanding General for Combined Joint Task Force, visited the Al-Tanf area and met with the leader of the “Maghawir al-Thawra” militant group.

Also yesterday on December 4, some international media reported that three rockets hit the US military base at the CONOCO gas facility in Deir Ezzor province, which was not true and the sounds of explosions were related to artillery exercises of the forces stationed at the base.

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