The arrest of Taliban senior Uzbek commanders was troublesome!

Saturday 15 January 2022 - 10:16

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Taliban Ministry of Defense arrested Makhdoom Alam and Qari Wakil, the senior Uzbek commanders of the Taliban in northern Afghanistan.

On Wednesday, January 12, Makhdoom Alam, the senior Uzbek commander of Taliban, was arrested in Mazar-e-Sharif on the orders of Mullah Fazel, the Taliban’s deputy defense minister. Following this action, the supporters of “Makhdoom Alam” gathered in the city of Maimana in protest and surrounded the security command building in Faryab province and demanded his release. Security officials in Faryab province also declared martial law in the city of Maimana and warned pro-Makhdoom militants.

On January 14, also Qari Wakil, another senior Uzbek commander was arrested in Faryab province.

As popular protests escalated, Turk oglu, Makhdoom Alam’s deputy, threatened that if the Taliban did not release Mulavi Alam, the Taliban flag would be lowered permanently from the Faryab security command building.

Mulavi “Makhdoom Alam” is the head of the Taliban military commission in Faryab, Jawzjan and Sar-e-Pul provinces and played a key role in the fall of the previous government in northern Afghanistan. His arrest is the first by the Taliban against their Uzbek commanders, and the continuation of such actions will seriously weaken the Taliban’s popular body.

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  1. Kashif says:

    Opposition to Taliban is fake. It is a pre-planned and deliberate with the consent of the uzbek taliban leader whis an employee of taliban. They just check waters with such moves. Poor people are sufferers while the monsters will remain powerful. It is the same formula applied in Pakistan since seven decades where people suffer and the military is nuke armed and the most powerful in the region and serves global allies. Pak army and Taliban are brothers. Soon Taliban will be a nuclear power and will fish in central Asian states. New Ottomon empire on Iran’s East from Azerbaijan to Bengal is taking shape which is the original british plan of the 1940s.