Leader of Iran: The root of the Ukraine crisis is American policy

Tuesday 1 March 2022 - 17:24

ISWNews Analysis Group: On the morning of March 1, Imam Khamenei, in a televised speech on the occasion of Eid al-Mab’ath, made remarks about the war in Ukraine.

Referring to the cases of Ukraine and its lessons, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution called this issue a clear example of the US crisis-making policy and added: “Contrary to the dual positions (double standards) of the West, the firm position of the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been to oppose war and destruction in all parts of the world, and we consider the cure and judgment of the Ukraine crisis to be based on recognizing its true roots.”

Ayatollah Khamenei also called the Ukraine crisis the result of US policy and stressed: “Today, Ukraine is a victim of US crisis-making policy because it was the United States that brought Ukraine to this point by interfering in Ukraine’s internal affairs, launching rallies and creating a color coup (revolution), the presence of US senators in opposition rallies, and changing governments.”

Emphasizing the firm position of the Islamic Republic of Iran in opposing the war, he said: “We oppose the war, the killing of people and the destruction of the infrastructure belonging to nations everywhere in the world. This is a firm assertion of the Islamic Republic, and our policy is not like the West double standard policy, that calls bombing a wedding ceremony in Afghanistan and killing the Iraqi people a fight against terrorism!”

Ayatollah Khamenei pointed to examples of US crisis-making policy and added: “What is the US doing in eastern Syria? Why did they steal Syrian oil? Why is the national wealth of the people being plundered and usurped by them in Afghanistan? Why in West Asia, they defend the Zionist day and night crimes, and do all these crises in the name of defending human rights?”

He called the crime against the Yemeni people another example of the contradictory behavior of the West and the United States, saying: “The Yemeni people have been bombed for eight years, but the Westerners not only do not condemn, but also support the crimes against the people through propaganda, media and even logistical support. ”

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized that we in Ukraine are in favor of stopping and ending the war, saying: “But the crisis can be cured if its roots are known. The root of the crisis in Ukraine is the policies of the United States and the West, which must be recognized and judged.”

Ayatollah Khamenei, addressing important lessons from the Ukraine war, noted: “The first lesson for all governments who rely on the U.S. and Europe is that the West could not be trusted, its support for administrations and politicians that have been installed by them is a mirage and not real.”

He described today’s Ukraine and yesterday’s Afghanistan as two living witnesses for all dependent governments, adding: “Both the Ukrainian president and the fugitive Afghan president said we trusted the US and Western governments, but they left us alone.”

The Supreme Leader of the Revolution, addressing the second lesson, called the “people” the most important support of the governments and added: “Just as the people did not come to the field during the US invasion of Iraq under Saddam, but the same people came to the field in the face of the ISIS attack and pushed back the ISIS and suppressed that great danger. If the people of Ukraine had been involved, the Ukrainian government wouldn’t be in this situation. The people didn’t get involved because they didn’t approve of the government.”

Ayatollah Khamenei called the people the main factor in the independence of the countries and, referring to the sweet experience of the Iranian nation in overcoming the Ba’athist enemy, which relied on the support from all world powers, said: “We must learn great lessons with open eyes and right thoughts and actions.”

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