68 martyrs and wounded in terrorist explosions in the west of Kabul

Saturday 6 August 2022 - 20:27

68 civilians were martyred and wounded as a result of ISIS terrorist attacks against Hosseini mourners in the west of Kabul, capital of Afghanistan.

On August 5, 12 civilians were martyred and 21 others were injured due to a terrorist explosion near Imam Muhammad Baqir Grand Mosque in Sar Kariz located in the 6th district of Kabul. Also, on August 6, 13 civilians were martyred and 22 others were injured as a result of another terrorist explosion near Moharrami Bazaar in Pul Sokhte located in the 6th district of Kabul.

By publishing a statement, the ISIS terrorist group took responsibility for the terrorist attack near the Imam Muhammad Baqir mosque and the terrorist explosion in the Muharram Bazaar of Pol Sokhte.

Due to the fact that Muharrami Bazaar in Sokhteh Pol is considered one of the most populated places in Kabul, the number of martyrs and wounded in the terrorist explosion in this area may increase.

This is the third terrorist attack in less than a week that has targeted Shiite religious ceremonies in the west of Kabul and has killed and injured dozens of civilians. The increase in ISIS terrorist attacks in the capital, east and north of Afghanistan shows that ISIS is gaining strength in this country and the Taliban’s supporters have not been successful in curbing this terrorist group.

Image: A number of children who were martyred in these terrorist attacks.

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