Terrorist explosion in Kabul left more than 20 dead + Video

Friday 30 September 2022 - 17:26

ISWNews Analysis Group: More than 50 people were martyred and wounded by a terrorist attack and explosion in the Kaaj education center in the Dasht Barchi area, located in the west of Kabul city, the capital of Afghanistan.

According to local sources, on Friday morning at 7:30 local time, a heavy explosion occurred during an exam in the Kaaj education center located in Naqqash neighborhood in Dasht Barchi area. This explosion was carried out by one or more suicide bombers and the attackers first engaged in an armed conflict with the guards of this complex and after killing them, they carried out a suicide operation.

Khaled Zadran, a Taliban spokesperson has announced the casualties of this terrorist attack as 19 martyrs and 27 wounded, but local sources have stated that the casualties are 32 martyrs and more than 40 wounded. On the other hand, the facilities and medical equipment of Kabul hospitals are limited, and the people have transferred most of the wounded to Mohammad Ali Jinah, Dasht Barchi and Watan hospitals with gharry and wheelbarrow. It should be noted that more than 400 students were present in the main and secondary halls of the school and undoubtedly the number of martyrs and wounded is more than the figures presented by the Taliban and the media.

It should be noted that the Kaaj educational center in the predominantly Hazara neighborhood is the former Mo’ud center that was the target of terrorist and suicide attacks in the past years. This school was closed for a while after the Taliban came to power, and in recent months it started its activities again under the new name “Kaaj”.

Video number 1: The location of the terrorist explosion in Kaaj education center

Video number 2: The bodies of the martyrs of the terrorist attack in Mohammad Ali Jinah Hospital in Kabul

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