Opinion: Another false flag, now in Europe

 Damir Nazarov
Author: Damir Nazarov
Saturday 22 October 2022 - 09:31

Ukraine is actively spreading information about the alleged use of Iranian UAVs by the Russian military. There was no direct evidence, but Kiev has already stripped the accreditation of the Iranian ambassador and demanded to reduce the staff of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic.

There is a trace of the Zionists behind the big anti-Iranian game. It is not for nothing that Zelensky set himself the goal of becoming a new “greater Israel”. The discrediting of the Iranians in the Ukrainian conflict is in the nature of a provocation, in order to disrupt the negotiations between Tehran and the West and, in addition, increase the flow of sanctions against Iran. Zelensky recently dismissed the ambassador to Iran without any explanation, who openly praised the armed forces of the Islamic Republic.

Actually, the strategy of Zionism that made up the story with the Iranian UAVs is visible to the naked eye. Ukraine was allegedly subjected to “aggression by Iranian weapons,” and the Zionists decided to “help” Kiev by supplying “their arsenal.” So it became known that the United States, with the consent of Israel, is transferring funds to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to combat Iranian kamikaze drones, – said the Ambassador of Ukraine to the “temporary entity” Yevhen Korniychuk. According to him, the supply of funds to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to combat Iranian UAVs is “a major shift in the “Israeli” policy in support of Ukraine.”

Today, the Zionist actor continues to involve Ukraine in Zionist schemes in the anti-Islamic direction, since in addition to Iran, Turkey is now gradually turning into an “enemy of Ukraine.” It became known that Kiev requested sanctions against a number of Turkish businessmen, and the reason was allegedly the connection of merchants with the Russian Federation. In my opinion, the work of the “temporary entity” is again visible here. Someone assured Kiev of their readiness to replace Bayraktars, proposed a plan to discredit Erdogan, the reason being Ankara’s readiness to recognize Assad, in which case the situation in Syria becomes easier for the Iranians and it becomes possible to strengthen the anti-Zionist flank in the south of the Syria. Accordingly, this “someone” who proposed the anti-Turkish game to Zelensky is Zionism.

Now about the UAV of the Russian Federation. The story of the “drone deliveries” from Iran contradicts the official position of the Islamic Republic, which calls for dialogue and an early solution to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahiyan earlier noted that “the baseless accusations recently made by the US Security Adviser against Iran in relation to the supply of Iranian unmanned aerial vehicles to Russia for their use in the war against Ukraine are connected with Biden’s visit to occupied Palestine, for self-serving political purposes.” The same thing is happening today.

As for the use of UAVs by Russians, interesting information has already leaked onto the Internet. Back in mid-March, the Ukrainian military themselves discovered Zionist-made drones in the service of the Russian Federation. The history of cooperation between the Kremlin and Zionism in this direction is not new. It all started in 2009, when during the conflict between Russia and Georgia, the Georgian army used Zionist UAVs against the Russians. Moscow assessed the “effectiveness” of the weapons of the “temporary essence” and decided to purchase anological UAVs. As a result, from 2009 to 2015, Zionist firms sold more than $800 million worth of reconnaissance drones to Russia. The table is listed at the beginning of the article. Moreover, the Russian Federation has already used Zionist UAVs against Ukraine, but Zelensky is silent, like everyone else.

Table of Russian purchases of Israeli UAVs

As a result, we are faced with another fake story where Zionism uses Ukraine for its own purposes. But we should not lose sight of the foresight of some strategists of Zionism who want to see anti-Islamic and anti-Iranian sentiments throughout northern Eurasia in the post-Russian period, because it is not for nothing that they insist inside Ukraine that they should play a major role in the future collapse of the Russian Federation, and anti-Iranian hysteria will have to become the trump card of the Zionists from Kiev in the construction of “new republics” on the site of the former Russian Federation.

P.S. Zelensky’s dissatisfaction with the lack of arms supplies from Israel should not confuse observers. Such claims are a consequence of the split of the Zionist movement into those who want to continue the occupation of Islamic lands, and supporters of the “new Israel” in Europe. We can say that we are witnessing a battle for the future of the Zionist movement, and the situation with Ukraine largely reflects the undercover struggle between the Zionists.

In mid-October, the Zionists will openly say that they are ready to supply weapons to Kiev.

As needed to be proved, the Zionists, with the help of their media, created a hype about “Iran’s participation on the side of the Russian Federation” in order to justify their arms supplies to Ukraine.

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