Latest Military Situation in Ukraine, 15 November 2022

Tuesday 15 November 2022 - 08:06

ISWNews Analysis Group: Following the Russian army operation on Donetsk front, the town of Pavlivka in the southwest of Donetsk city and the Optyne village in north of Donetsk airport were captured by the Russian army.

1- Donetsk:
On November 11, Russian sources claimed that the Russian army took control of Mayorsk village in northern suburbs of Gorlivka city. Ukrainian artillery heavily shelling this area and there is a possibility that this advance will not be stabilized and Mayorsk will be evacuated by the Russians. (Online map)

– Clashes between the Russian-led forces and the Ukrainian army continues in the eastern and southern front of Bakhmut town. According to the latest news from this front, Ukrainian forces with the support of artillery managed to repulse the Russian army attacks to the cement factory. Also, the claim of the Russian advance in the south of Bakhmut is not correct until this moment and the conflict is going on in the outskirts of the Ivangrad village.

– Following the Russian army operation in the northern axis of the Donetsk airport, the Optyne area was captured by Russian forces. Clashes in the Vodyane village is still ongoing and it is expected that this village will be captured by the Russian army in the coming days. With the capture of Optyne by the Russians, the Ukrainian forces in Avdiivka will be under more pressure and attacks, and the Ukrainian attacks on Donetsk city from the northern axis will be more limited.

– On Svatove front, despite the Ukrainian media reports about the AFU advances in this axis, no changes were made in the frontlines and the Russian army so far managed to repel all AFU attempts in the area.
The artillery duels between the AFU and Russian army continue over the Kotlyarivka, Brestove, Kuzemivka, Miasozharivka, Raihorodka and Makiivka. Also, the Ukrainian army has attacked the industrial factories of the town of Svatove with HIMARS multiple rocket launchers, which has resulted in unspecified losses and casualties for the Russian army.
According to local sources, the armed forces of Ukraine are preparing and gathering forces in the city of Kupyansk. Also, military and armored vehicles and auxiliary artillery equipment have been sent from Kharkiv to this axis. If this news is true, the attacks of the Ukrainian army on Svatove -Kreminna axis will intensify in the coming days.

– On November 14, the Russia Ministry of Defense announced the full control over the town of Pavlivka. It should be noted that the Pavlivka clashes started two weeks ago and in the first round of conflict, the Ukrainian army managed to repulse the Russian attack, but the subsequent attacks of the Russian army were heavier and the Ukrainians had to retreat from this town. (Pavlivka on the online map)

2- A video of the destruction of an Ukrainian M777 howitzer by the Russian Lancet suicide drone.

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3- Kherson:
– On November 11, the Russian army blew up the Antonvskiy bridge located in the northeast of Kherson city during its retreat from the west bank of Dnieper River. This bridge was the closest and main crossing on the Dnieper River in the suburbs of Kherson city and it was blown up by Russian forces before sunrise this morning.

– On November 12, after the announcement of the decision of the Russian army to withdraw from the west bank of Dnieper River by the Russian MOD, the Russian army forces withdrew from the western areas of the Dnieper River with an area of 4800 square kilometers.

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– A video of the destruction of Ukrainian army armored vehicles by the Russian Lancet suicide drone on the Kherson front.
Considering the increase of attacks by the Russian loitering munitions and their high success rate, as well as the longer wingspan of the new drones than before, it is possible that these drones are also made by Iran. Despite these cases, so far, a drone with these specifications has not been seen in Iran’s drone industry.

4- Odessa:
On November 13, the Russian army attacked an unknown building in Chornomorsk, south of Odessa, with one or more Shahed-136 suicide drones.

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