Unidentified Strike Near Al-Bukamal On Syria’s Border

Saturday 17 December 2022 - 09:58

ISWNews Analysis Group: As a result of the attack by unknown aircraft on the outskirts of the border town of Al-Bukamal, a truck was completely destroyed.

On December 16, the ISWNEWS field source reported the attack of unknown aircraft (probably belonging to the US coalition) on a truck near the border town of Al-Bukmal located in Deir Ezzor province of Syria. As a result of this attack, the truck was completely destroyed.

Although more details of this attack have not been published yet, some sources claimed that this attack was carried out by Israeli aircraft and as a result, a trailer vehicle belonging to Iran was destroyed. So far, the Syrian authorities have not commented on this incident.

It is worth mentioning that on November 8, a convoy carrying fuel belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran, was attacked by unknown aircraft after crossing the border crossing of al-Qaim and entering Syria. And later, nn December 14, Chief of Staff of the Israeli regime defense forces, Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi claimed responsibility for the November 8 strikes that hit a convoy of 25 trucks at the Syrian part of al-Qaim border crossing.

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