Suicide Attack On Kabul Airport Left 14 Casualties!

Monday 2 January 2023 - 07:47

ISWNews Analysis Group: As a result of a suicide attack on the military section of Kabul International Airport, 32 members of Taliban were killed and wounded.

According to local sources, 14 Taliban members were killed and 22 others were injured by a suicide attack on the first checkpoint of the military section of Kabul International Airport. This is the first terrorist attack against the most important military unit of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The Taliban authorities have not disclosed the exact details of this incident.

ISIS-affiliated Amaq News Agency took responsibility for this attack by publishing a statement and a picture of the suicide attacker.

According to this statement, an ISIS suicide bomber detonated his suicide belt in the midst of a gathering of Taliban forces after passing through the security barriers of the Taliban military headquarters at the Kabul International Airport. According to ISIS, 20 members of the Taliban were killed and nearly 30 others were injured in this attack. ISIS media also announced that the perpetrator of this operation was one of the suicide bombers who participated in the terrorist operation of ISIS on the “Chinese Hotel” in Kabul city and was managed to escape from the hotel!

This attack can be considered as the second attack by the ISIS terrorist group on Kabul Airport. The first attack on Kabul Airport was carried out during the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan in August 26, 2021. In that attack, 97 people, including 13 Americans were killed and 220 others were injured.

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