Latest Military Situation In Donbas Fronts

Monday 9 January 2023 - 08:30

ISWNews Analysis Group: With the end of Russia’s unilateral ceasefire, heavy clashes between the Russian army and the Ukrainian army resumed in the towns of Soledar and Bakhmut in Donetsk oblast.

With the end of Russia’s one-sided ceasefire at 24:00 of January 7th, attacks and heavy bombardment in the Soledar and Bakhmut fronts continued with more intensity. Russian President, Vladimir Putin had ordered a 36-hour ceasefire in Ukraine starting from 12:00, 6 January to 24:00, 7 January, by the request of the Russia’s spiritual leader, Patriarch Kirill on the occasion of Orthodox Christmas Day.

On Soledar front, the Russian-led forces have begun their attacks to advance towards the salt mine area in the north of Soledar. Russian forces are pressing from both the south and northeast sides, and maintaining the position at this point has become more difficult for the defenders of the town than before.

In general, the situation in Soledar is more critical for the Ukrainians after the heavy Russian bombardment, and their first and second lines of defense in the town have been broken. The AFU 128th Brigades are resisting the Russian army in the third line of defense. However, despite the fall of most of the areas of Soledar, the news of the withdrawal of Ukrainians from Soledar is not true, and clashes in the northern parts of this town are still ongoing.

Soledar interactive map: Here

Military situation in Soledar town

On Bakhmut front, clashes continue in the Pidhorodne area in northeast of Bakhmut city. In case of complete capture of Pidhorodne village, the process of besieging Bakhmut from the north side will be accelerated. Also, if the advance on this axis continues, the settlements of Krasna Gora and Paraskoviivka will be the next targets in north of Pidhorodne.

Pidhorodne interactive map: Here

Military situation in Pidhorodne town

In the eastern and southeastern suburbs of Bakhmut city, the attacks of the Russian army continue, but clearing the industrial area in the eastern areas of Bakhmut has encountered difficulties. Currently, Russian forces are present at the eastern and southern entrances of Bakhmut city, and no progress has been made during the last week. In these axes, the Ukrainians have succeeded in slowing down the Russians by building fortified trenches and underground tunnels.

Bakhmut interactive map: Here

Military situation in Bakhmut town

According to Russian media, the Ukrainian army has sent 4000 servicemen from Chernihiv region to the Soledar and Bakhmut fronts to compensate and replace the losses of its forces. Also, artillery equipment, five Sukhoi 25 and two MiG 29 fighter jets are to be sent to support the Ukrainian forces in this front.

In general, Russian forces are conducting a low-speed operation on the Donbas front with continuous airstrikes and limited ground attacks on Soledar and Bakhmut. This tactic forces the Ukrainians to bring more reinforcements to defend these settlements, and as a result, the loss of Ukrainian manpower and logistical equipment will increase day by day.

Bombardment of positions of Ukrainian forces in Pidhorodne axis with incendiary ammunition. Such attacks were previously carried out by Russian rocket launchers using 9M22S incendiary ammunition during the Mariupol battles
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