Russian Forces Cut Off The Northern Road To Bakhmut (Map Update)

Tuesday 14 February 2023 - 08:08

ISWNews Analysis Group – Following a recent retreat by Ukrainian troops from the Krasna Gora village and the Russian army’s success in clearing this village, the Russian forces could advance in the western districts of Blahodatne village and cut off the northern road of the city of Bakhmut.

On February 12, the forces of the Russian army seized the Krasna Gora village; so, the Ukrainian troops were forced to retreat from the region as a result of the escalation of the confrontation. At present, the confrontation lingers in the outskirts of the Paraskoviivka village in the western districts of Krasna Gora.

Concurrent with the advances in that front, the Russian military forces also succeeded in advancing in the western parts of the Blahodatne village; so, they could cut off the northern road to Bakhmut city, and the Paraskoviivka village is now under a situation, which similar to a siege. Presently, the circumstance of the Ukrainian troops in the Paraskoviivka village is totally instable, and as a result of the extent of artillery fire as well as the advances of the Russian military forces, it is expected that the fall of that region to the hands of Russian forces will happen in the coming days.

Hence, given the situation on the ground in northern front of Bakhmut city, the Paraskoviivka village was targeted by the Russian forces in the first step, and after besieging that region, the Russians are expected to advance to the Berkhivka countryside in the west of the northern road to Bakhmut city in order to finalize the siege of the city.

It is noteworthy that the western road to the Bakhmut city was cut off by the Russian armed forces last week as well, and as a result of the current situation, which led to the cut off of the northern road, it is expected that Bakhmut city would come under siege in practice.

It should be mentioned that confrontations in other fronts inside the Bakhmut city is underway, and there is not any significant change in the field map of this front.

The combat between the Russian and Ukrainian forces to seize or defend Bakhmut city has turned into one of the deadliest encounters in the war in Ukraine concerning the loss of manpower and military equipment. Despite the fact that some Western experts advised the Ukrainians to pull out from the Bakhmut city, the Ukrainian troops insist on protecting the city and they make all-out efforts and dispatch military forces to this region in a bid to avoid losing the city.

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