Afghanistan Liberation Front Confirms Akmal Ameer’s Death

Tuesday 18 April 2023 - 00:33

ISWNews Analysis Group – The Afghanistan Liberation Front has issued a statement, confirming reports on the killing of its military official Akmal Ameer in a clash with Taliban’s armed forces in Salang district of Parwan province.

The Afghanistan Liberation Front issued the statement on April 16, confirming the death of the former commander of the Afghan Special Forces after seven days.

According to local sources, Taliban refuses to hand over the corpse of the former commander to his family, and Taliban even threatened that they will severely punish those who hold Islamic funeral rituals, including Islamic funeral prayer, for Akmal Ameer.

In a bid to prevent potential protest gatherings, Taliban arrested more than hundred of civilians, including Akmal Ameer’s relatives, friends and advocates.

Akmal Ameer was a member of the special forces of Afghanistan Army in the former government, who fought Taliban following the downfall of former President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani’s administration under the name of Afghanistan Liberation Front. Ameer was killed along with seven other members of the Afghanistan Liberation Front in a confrontation against Taliban forces in Salang district of Parwan province on April 11, 2023.

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