Ukrainian Drone Attack On Afipsky Oil Refinery In Russia (Video)

Wednesday 31 May 2023 - 10:08

ISWNews Analysis Group – On May 31, Ukrainian Army attacked the Russian oil refinery in the Afipsky area in south of Krasnodar city with one or more suicide drones. As a result, fire broke out at the Afipsky oil refinery.

During this morning’s attack by the ,Ukrainian suicide drones on the Afipsky oil refinery, one of the heating oil distillation units was damaged and caught fire. The Afipsky oil refinery is located 15 km away from Krasnodar.

According to Russian media reports, there were no casualties in this attack, and the Russian firefighters have managed to extinguish the fire in this refinery.

At the same time as this attack, the Ukrainian army attacked the border village of Tetkino in Kursk Oblast with an artillery attack, which led to the destruction of several residential buildings in this village. Also, Russian sources reported the downing of 10 Ukrainian drones over the Klimovsky district in Bryansk Oblast by electronic warfare systems.

This is not the first such attack in this region. The Ukrainian army has attacked Russian refineries in the southern federal district centered on Krasnodar three times in the past month. In the first attack, they targeted the Ilsky Refinery with a drone that did not cause any damage and casualties; And the second attack, the Russian air defense systems managed to shoot down all the drones attacking the Ilski Refinery.

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Fire at Afipsky Oil Refinery
Fire at Afipsky Oil Refinery
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