Arab Littoral States Of Persian Gulf, Iran To Form Joint Naval Force

Monday 5 June 2023 - 07:17

ISWNews Analysis Group – Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani has said in a televised interview that Iran-centered regional and trans-regional joint naval alliance will be formed in the future.

The Iranian rear admiral pointed in the interview to the desire of countries located in the north of the Indian Ocean to collaborate jointly in securing the region in cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran. He declared that a joint naval alliance will be formed between Iran and other regional states such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Bahrain and Iraq.

The regional alliance comprised of Iran and the Arab littoral states of the Persian Gulf would take shape while Russia and China are also cooperating with the Islamic Republic in a trans-regional coalition and have held numerous military exercises within the framework of the tripartite coalition.

The commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy further referred to the development of a tripartite naval coalition between Russia, China and Iran, as well as the formation of other regional alliances, saying that as soon as possible, we will witness that our region is free from any unjustified military force and that the people of the region will be able to resort to their own soldiers in order to be dominant in their security field.

In response to a question about which countries are requesting the formation of such alliances, Rear Admiral Irani said that we had joint plan of action in cooperation with Oman earlier and at present Saudi Arabia has set the objective and pursued that. The United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Pakistan and India are among the countries, he added.

Qatari media outlets had previously asserted that Iran and the Arab states of the region had agreed upon forming a joint naval alliance in cooperation with China in a bid to ensure maritime security in the Persian Gulf.

The development of Iran’s naval activities and the formation of regional and trans-regional alliances has been the most important strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy in the past decade. The target of the Islamic Republic of Iran in implementing such a policy is to pave the way for expelling Western military forces in particular the American troops from the West Asia region, as well as to fade away the foreign forces’ interference in developments occurring in the region.

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