Israeli Soldier Killed In Tel Aviv Operation (Video)

Sunday 6 August 2023 - 21:39

Following an armed raid by a Palestinian youth on a group of Israeli security forces in Tel Aviv, at least one Israeli trooper was killed and two others were injured.

ISWNews Analysis Group: On August 5, a Palestinian youth targeted a group of Israeli security forces with gunfire in Tel Aviv.

Some minutes after the incident, the Israeli Army Radio reported that the perpetrator of the fatal shooting in Tel Aviv targeted four security forces affiliated to the Tel Aviv municipality, adding that three of whom were injured and another soldier was reported to be in critical condition.

Hours after the operation, some Palestinian media reported that Chen Amir, one of the security forces of the Tel Aviv municipality who was injured On Saturday’s operation in Tel Aviv, succumbed to death due to the severity of his injuries.

Chen Amir

Some Hebrew-language media also reported that Saturday’s shooting took place on one of Tel Aviv’s most famous streets and near the site of weekly Israeli demonstrations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial judicial reforms.

According to Israeli Army Radio, the perpetrator of this operation was a member of the Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine. It is said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was also closely informed about the anti-Israeli operation.

The Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine issued a statement, announcing that the Tel Aviv operation emphasized unity and continued resistance against the occupying foe and it was a natural response to Israel’s daily crimes against the Palestinian people in the West Bank.

Following Saturday’s shooting in Tel Aviv, the Israeli army increased its readiness level at West Bank military posts, because the Israelis are afraid of Palestinian fighters’ infiltration into occupied territories of 1948.

It is worth noting that a Palestinian youth targeted a group of Israeli settlers at Taqou military post in southern West Bank on July 16, which left at least three Israelis injured.

The first moments of the shooting operation in Tel Aviv
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