Drone Attacks On Homs; which Group Is Behind The Incident?

Saturday 7 October 2023 - 07:15

The recent drone attacks on Homs Governorate in Syria, which is a city located about 100 kilometers away from areas controlled by armed groups, have raised questions about the perpetrators of the drone strikes. Despite the fact that several hours have passed since the first drone attack, no group has claimed responsibility for the strikes, fueling speculation about the involvement of a more powerful actor behind the attacks.

The Syrian Military Academy in Homs Governorate, where a graduation ceremony for students attended by the Syrian Defense Minister on October 5, was targeted by a drone attack. At least 89 people were killed and 277 others were injured in the terrorist incident.

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From the early minutes of the attack, various issues such as the type of attacking drone, the distance between Homs and the nearest area under the control of armed groups, and several other issues have been raised by analysts, because it does not seem that terrorist groups based in northern Syria have the ability to build and launch such accurate combat drones.

Although militant groups have also carried out attacks on non-military areas in Hama and Latakia governorates in recent months, the drone attacks on Homs show that the drones used in these attacks are more advanced than the previous ones.

According to investigations, the distance between areas under the control of armed groups and regions that have been targeted by drone attacks in recent months has been less than 50 kilometers, but Homs is about 100 kilometers away from the nearest area under their control.

In less than 48 hours, Homs Governorate was again targeted by drone attacks from the western regions of the Arab country, but this time, the Syrian Army’s air defense systems shot down the offensive drones before they could reach their targets.

It is still unclear, which group is behind these attacks. Also, none of the armed groups have claimed responsibility for these attacks, but some sources have claimed that these drones flew from areas under the control of the Turkistan Islamic Party towards Homs Governorate.

It is noteworthy that despite several hours have passed since the first drone strike on Homs Governorate, no group has yet taken responsibility for the terrorist attack, fueling speculation about the involvement of a more powerful actor behind these attacks. 

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