Israeli Military Forces Raid Juhor ad-Dik Area In The Eastern Gaza Strip

Monday 30 October 2023 - 17:47

On October 30, Israeli armed forces, with the support of tanks and armored vehicles, entered the Juhar al-Dik area in the eastern Gaza Strip.

Israeli media outlets claimed that the tanks are advancing towards Salah al-Din Street (a road between Gaza, Breij and Khan Yunis) and have so far succeeded in destroying the positions of resistance fighters and reaching the Nitsarim area.

It should be noted that the Juhar al-Dik area is an uninhabited area with a few buildings and a little urban density. This area has a very weak military and security situation, which has prompted Palestinian resistance fighters not to create defensive positions there.

It is possible that the entry of Israeli military forces into the Juhar al-Dik area has been deliberately planned to estimate the potential blow by the Palestinian resistance fighters against the Israeli armed forces during any ground operation.

It should be noted that this area was also a site of conflict in the 2014 war and Israel experienced defeat there once. Therefore, if successful, Israel’s advancement could cut off the important Salah al-Din Street and also lead to urban conflict in Gaza city and the Al-Bureij camp.

Israeli army alleged advances into Gaza Strip
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