Yemen’s Ansar Allah Attacked Israeli Positions In Eilat Region (Video)

Tuesday 31 October 2023 - 19:42

On October 31, Yemen’s Ansar Allah attacked the southern occupied Palestine with several drones or missiles.

This morning, the occupied territories in south of Palestine in the Eilat area and Ramon Airport were attacked twice by several missiles or drones. The Zionist media claimed that the Israeli air defense systems countered these attacks and all missiles and drones were intercepted and destroyed. The Israeli Air Force also announced that it had countered a surface-to-surface missile that was approaching Israel from the Red Sea.

Israeli air defense systems activity in the city of Eilat

It should be noted that the Israeli media claimed that the Saudi Arabian army and the Egyptian army helped Israel to repel these attacks.

Hours later, in a statement, Brigadier General Yahya Sari’, the spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces, took responsibility for this operation, called it the third Yemeni missile and drone operation against Israel.

“We will continue to attack with our missiles and drones with higher quality until the end of Israel’s aggression. The attitude of the Yemeni people towards the Palestinian issue is a decisive and principled position, and the Palestinian people have the full right to defend themselves and obtain their full rights,” Yahya al-Sari’ said in an official military statement.

Eilat and Ramon Airport in the south of Palestine
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  1. Ahmed Mamo says:

    May Allah Almighty strengthen and reward the Countries who participated actively in Jihad to against the enemy of Allah Who always try to destroy Al Aqsa mosque,Quran,and Muslims! ! !