The Secretary-General Of Hezbollah Delivers Speech On The Occasion Of Martyr’s Day

Saturday 11 November 2023 - 16:28

On November 11, the Secretary-General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech on the occasion of Lebanon Martyr’s Day.

The summary of Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech is as follow:

▪️Martyrdom is the secret of victory. Our dead were killed in the way of God and are martyrs. Our martyrs are people of faith and move at the right time, right place and right conditions. They are people of responsibility and are patient and sincere.

▪️Brothers and sisters, this year’s Martyr’s Day has coincided with important events and developments, and we should spend the rest of the time talking about it. This day has coincided with the brutal war in Gaza and the brave resistance of Palestinians.

▪️The enemy has not kept the sanctity of any place from mosques and schools to civilian and international places. This painful incident and these crimes show part of Israel’s revenge and their brutal and inhuman spirit.

▪️The enemy’s main goal of these attacks is to surrender the Palestinian nation, the Lebanese nation and the nations of the region. Their goal is to destroy resistance. With these crimes, they want to tell the Palestinians to forget their lands and sanctuaries!

▪️Their goal will not be achieved. The Zionists forgot that their past crimes had no results. Did the result of those crimes make the Palestinians give up their values?

▪️Israelis talk about two wars, the First Lebanon War and the Tammuz War (33-day war). Did your attacks make the Lebanese stop resisting?

▪️Unfortunately, the Arab and world media are intentionally and unintentionally trying to achieve the goals of the Israelis, which is to destroy the resistance.

▪️The only option for our nations is the option of resistance, and the option of surrender and compromise is the wrong way.

▪️In the last 20 years, they have shown with the world and Arab media that Israel is peaceful and they are seeking to normalize relations, but these crimes have broken all these images.

▪️Today, some heads of Western countries who did not defend the establishment of a ceasefire, are now demanding a ceasefire. Only the United States and England are against the ceasefire. The strange voice these days is the US!

▪️Israel is a group of idiots, madmen, and grudges like Netanyahu, Gallant, etc., who follow America.

▪️The meeting of the heads of 57 Islamic and Arab countries will be held. The Palestinians hope for this meeting. They don’t want these countries to send army to save Palestine, but they want these countries to stand up to US like a man and ask him to stop the war.

▪️The world is waiting for this position from Islamic and Arab countries. And we are waiting too!

▪️Today, Israel’s strongest elite and special forces are fighting in Gaza. But they have not achieved anything. The number of tanks and armored and military vehicles and the number of Israeli casualties show the courage of the Palestinians.

▪️Israel says we are fighting in different fronts. One of these fronts is the West Bank. The second front is Yemen. The leaders of Yemen and the Yemeni army took a brave stand and carried out many missile and drone attacks against Israel. Some of these missiles and drones have been shot down by America and unfortunately by some Arab countries.

▪️Some of these Yemeni missiles and drones hit Israel and they censor this. This threat (Yemen) forced the enemy to move part of their defense systems to Eilat. Another effect of these attacks is the insecurity in the south, which has put a lot of pressure on the enemy’s cabinet in terms of immigration.

▪️Yemen has taken a big and blessed step. They did not pay attention to the threats of America and their popular and unique support for Palestine has not been held anywhere in the world.

▪️Unfortunately some Palestinian officials say that the events in Iraq and Syria have nothing to do with Gaza. This is wrong, these fronts were calm in the past, but it is the equation that the resistance of Iraq and Syria put forward to force the enemy to stop the war in Gaza.

▪️This is a great thing that the Iraqi resistance is doing against America. The political position and… is good, but with your practical actions, you put yourself against the threats, (the actions of the Iraqi resistance) are important from this point of view.

▪️The equation is that if America wants the war not to turn into a regional war, it must stop the war in Gaza.

▪️Despite its difficult conditions, Syria has hosted the resistance and accepted the consequences of the resistance. The enemy bombards the airport of Damascus and Aleppo, etc. and people are martyred. A drone targeted Eilat a few days ago. Israel could not identify where this drone came from and finally attributed it to one of the Hezbollah groups in Syria. Syria has borne this important responsibility.

▪️Syria is under siege and embargo by the Westerners, and despite bearing the heavy burden of fighting terrorism, it supports the resistance in Al-Bukamal to Latakia. America in Syria actually supports ISIS and works against Syria.

▪️If the achievement and victory for the resistance has been achieved so far, it is due to the support of the leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Iran has never stopped its support for the resistance in Iraq, Palestine, etc. in the face of pressure and threats from the United States and has continued this support completely as in the past.

▪️Resistance operations have increased in terms of quantity and type of weapons and are unprecedented compared to the past. Suicide drones and heavy rockets have been used for the first time. The rockets that entered service in recent days are Burkan rockets that weigh from 300 to 500 kg.

▪️This is the general direction. We are checking and evaluating day by day and we will continue the pressure from the southern front of Lebanon.

▪️Eyes should be focused on the field, not political words. We are in the battle of resistance, persistence, patience, time. Resistance forces need time, and as in the past, victory and defeat of the enemy requires patience.

▪️Netanyahu says contradictory things every day before noon and in the evening and in different places, and the same is true of the enemy’s minister of war. They are confused and time is not on their side.

▪️Do not despair of God and pray for victory. On Martyr’s Day, we make a pledge with all the martyrs to move in this direction and realize their goals and protect their achievements.


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