Qaani To Deif: We Will Not Let The Enemy To Achieve Its Dirty Goals In Gaza And Palestine

Thursday 16 November 2023 - 18:05

Commander of the IRGC Quds Force , Brigadier General Ismail Qaani, sends a message to the Commander-in-Chief of the Al-Qassam Brigades, Mohammed Deif.

Summary of Qaani’s message to Deif:

▪️Qaani: You wrote a great epic entitled the Al-Aqsa Storm, which God granted at the hands of the Mujahideen in the Al-Qassam Brigades and the Resistance in Gaza.

▪️Qaani: You clearly demonstrated the weakness and fragility of the usurping Zionist entity and demonstrated in a practical and decisive manner that it is weaker than a spider’s web.

▪️Qaani: It is sufficient to describe the Al-Aqsa Storm operation, that Palestine and the region will not be what it was before it after this great event.

▪️Qaani: The strikes directed by the resistance against the enemy forces and armored vehicles proved to everyone that the resistance in Gaza is capable of initiative and innovation.

▪️Qaani: Trust that your brothers who are united with you in the axis of Al-Quds and the resistance will not allow the enemy and those behind him to isolate Gaza and its people.

▪️Qaani: Your brothers in the Al-Quds axis and the resistance will not let the enemy to achieve its dirty goals in Gaza and Palestine.

▪️Qaani: We affirm the covenant, the charter, and the faith and fraternal commitment that unites us, and we reassure you that, as part of our continued effective protection and support for the resistance, we will do everything we must in this historic battle.

Qaani’s message to Mohammed Deif
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  1. Mohamed Edries Halim says:

    We have to distroy the entire zionists republic they not fit to live with normal human beings and the americans and the brithish are in with the zionists so we as Muslims have been given the instructions from our “CREATOR” to demolish everyone that’s against Islam because we don’t live religion we live the way of life thought to us by our beloved Nabeeh Mohamed Sallallahualaihewasallam Alhamdulillaah”🤲🏼