Russian Largest Drone Attack On Ukraine (Video)

Sunday 26 November 2023 - 21:43

On November 25, the Russian army attacked Ukrainian positions in the cities of Kiev, Summy, Chernihiv, Cherkasy, Kropyvnytskyi, Mykolaiv and Dnipropetrovsk using 75 Geran suicide drones.

According to Ukrainian officials, this was the largest Russian drone strike since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war. The Ukrainian army claims that air defense systems have managed to destroy 74 of these drones.

According to the officials of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, as a result of these attacks, 77 residential buildings and 120 institutions were left without electricity. In addition, Boryspil International Airport and one of the energy infrastructure facilities in the east of Kiev city have also been hit.

It’s worth mentioning that on November 26, also more explosions were reported across the war-torn country. The areas of Kirovograd, Mykolaiv, Zaporozhie, Kharkiv and Summy witnessed explosions, most likely due to Russian drone and missile attacks or Ukrainian air defense activities.

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