Israeli Army Attempts To Justify Its War Crimes By Publishing Interactive Map!

Saturday 2 December 2023 - 20:32

The Israeli regime’s army has released a new interactive map, claiming to use it in order to warn and inform Palestinian civilians about military operations and also to request evacuation prior to targeting certain areas in the Gaza Strip.

On December 1, the Israeli army announced that it would use this interactive map to inform and evacuate Palestinian civilians from various areas in the Gaza Strip. In this map, different parts of the Gaza Strip are divided into smaller numbered areas.

The Israeli army claims that this interactive map was designed to help distinguish between civilians and militants.

In a message to the residents of Gaza, the Israeli army stated: “The Israeli army is fighting against terrorist organizations and at the same time making great efforts to distinguish between civilians and terrorists. The people of Gaza are not our enemies. Therefore, since this morning, the Israeli army has been conducting controlled evacuation operations and identifying residents of Gaza in order to get them out of war zones as much as possible.”

It should be noted that this map was released after the temporary ceasefire in Gaza, which was mediated by the United States, Egypt, and Qatar. The Israeli army’s interactive map shows that this regime is planning to evacuate more than two million Palestinians from Gaza. The Israeli army has not yet specified whether the civilians who have been displaced due to the ground attack on the Gaza Strip will be allowed to return home after the war or not.

The Israeli army also dropped leaflets over southern Gaza on Friday. In these propaganda leaflets, people in the southern Gaza were threatened: “Palestinian civilians in Rafah area on the border with Egypt should leave; this city is known as a dangerous war zone.”

On December 2, the Israeli army ordered Palestinians to evacuate several areas in the north and south of the Gaza Strip. Although efforts to extend the ceasefire in Gaza and release some Israeli prisoners continue, recent movements by the Israeli army indicate that this regime is not actually interested in peace and ceasefire.

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