24 Israeli Military Forces Killed In Gaza Just In One Day Operation!

Tuesday 23 January 2024 - 20:30

The Israeli regime’s army has admitted that it has lost 24 military forces on Monday in clashes in the Gaza Strip, marking the heaviest toll for the Israeli military in a single day during the ground operation in the besieged strip.

The Israeli regime’s army spokesman Daniel Hagari emphasized that the battles in Khan Younis city are very difficult and intense, and that the regime suffered heavy losses in this area.

Yesterday, a group of Israeli reserve forces from the 261st Infantry Brigade entered nearly 600 meters in the Al-Maghazi refugee camp to blow up several buildings. They were tasked with demolishing 10 buildings with the help of engineering forces. On the other side, Palestinian forces fired two rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) at the Israeli forces, the first RPG hit a tank, which was stationed there to protect those soldiers, and killed two soldiers; and the second RPG hit a building, where explosives had been laid. The second RPG caused the explosives in the building to detonate, collapsing two buildings and causing a large number of Israeli soldiers to be killed and trapped under the rubble. In this incident, a total of 21 people were killed.

Furthermore, during other clashes in the southern Gaza Strip, three more Israeli occupation soldiers, including a captain and two majors, were killed, bringing the total number of Israeli military casualties on Monday to 24.

It is worth mentioning that with the death of these individuals, the claimed casualties by the Israeli regime after the start of the ground offensive in the Gaza Strip have increased to 218. Also, the total number of military casualties according to the Israeli regime’s claim has reached 555 since the onset of the conflict (October 7, 2023) until now.

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  1. kakunzel says:

    I know you are battlefield experts and it seems well informed as well, but every war and every death is a tragedy, so it seems cynical to me to show pictures of killed soldiers as trophies, let’s at least show mercy for the dead and their families, that’s all I’m asking