Resistance Forces Attacks US Bases In Syria; 6 SDF Members Killed

Monday 5 February 2024 - 16:27

Last night, on February 4, the Iraqi resistance groups launched a drone attack on the US illegal military site in the al-Omar oilfield in Syria’s Deir Ezzor province, which led to the deaths of at least six members of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Hours later, Syrian Democratic Forces acknowledged the casualties and said: “We affirm our right to an appropriate military response to the source of the attack on the Al-Omar field.”

As mentioned before, it seems very unlikely that the US “so-called retaliatory attacks’ will have any effect in reducing or stopping the resistance attacks on the US bases in the region.

According to IWN assessment, this is the 28th attack on the American base in al-Omar oil field after the start of the war in Gaza.

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