Yemeni People Bury Martyrs Of US-UK Coalition Attacks

Monday 12 February 2024 - 12:50

On February 11, the people of Yemen buried the bodies of 13 martyrs from the Yemeni armed forces and security forces who were killed in the recent airstrikes by the US and UK coalition.

On December 31 and January 14, the Ansar Allah movement also announced the names of 16 Yemeni martyrs who were killed in the US-UK coalition attacks on Yemen.
Therefore, 29 fighters from the Yemeni armed forces have been martyred in the battle against the US-UK coalition so far.

The armed forces of Yemen began their operations in support of Palestine against the Israeli regime since October 19 and have carried out 14 missile and drone attacks against the Israeli regime’s positions in occupied territories of Palestine.

These operations entered into the phase of maritime operation in the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea with the seizure of the Israeli ship “Galaxy Leader” on November 19. So far, they have executed drone and missile attacks against 29 American, British, and Israeli military and commercial ships and their affiliated vessels.

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