Seven Hezbollah Members Martyred In Southern Lebanon

Tuesday 27 February 2024 - 20:04

In the last 48 hours, Lebanon’s Hezbollah announced the martyrdom of seven of its members in southern Lebanon by publishing separate statements.

According to the statements, Ali Karim Nasser with the jihadi name “Fada”, Ahmad Muhammad Al-Afi with the jihadi name “Mahmoud”, Hossein Ali al-Deirani with the jihadi name “Abu Ali”, Hassan Ali Yunus with the jihadi name “Abu Al-Ezz”, Ahmad Mohammad Sandian With the jihadi name “Najad”, Hassan Hossein Salami with the jihadi name “Mahmoud” and Mohammad Ali Musalmani with the jihadi name “Muntazar” were martyred.

In this way, the number of martyrs of Hezbollah increased to 209 members since the beginning of the battles in the Gaza Strip.

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