Turkish Government Cancels Visa-Free Trip For Tajik Citizens

Sunday 7 April 2024 - 19:11

Two weeks after the deadly terrorist attack near the Russian capital Moscow and allegations of terrorists being transferred through Turkiye to Russia, the Turkish government, under the orders of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, decided to cancel the visas for Tajik citizens.

Tajik citizens were previously able to travel to Turkiye without visas and from this country they could leave for their next destinations. Turkish media outlets have released details about the reason for this decision; however, Russia has claimed that two of the terrorists entered Russian territory through Turkiye, providing identity documents related to the terrorist attack on the Crocus City Hall concert near Moscow as evidence.

Simultaneously with this decision, Turkish security organizations have carried out extensive security operations across the country in recent days and claimed to have detained two ISIS terrorists. The recent ISIS attack on the Crocus City Hall concert in Moscow on March 22 resulted in the deaths of 137 Russian civilians.

The Tajik nationality of most of the attackers led to Tajikistan being added to the list of terrorist-supporting countries, causing migrant-receiving countries like Turkiye to cancel their tourist privileges and exercise greater caution in accepting Tajik citizens.

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