Families Of Israeli Prisoners: Netanyahu Must Be Removed From Power

Sunday 19 May 2024 - 09:31

Last night, the gathering of the families of Israeli prisoners in Tel Aviv was met with the reaction of the Israeli police and at least 15 protesters were arrested.

The families of the Israeli prisoners also issued a statement against the war cabinet of the Zionist regime, which is as follows:

➖ Netanyahu’s government abandoned the prisoners. This is a crime and the only way to save them is to stop the war immediately. For his own personal interests, he continues to thwart all efforts to reach an agreement.

➖ Entering Rafah threatens the lives of prisoners. Expanding military operations in Rafah means abandoning prisoners who are still alive.

➖ Netanyahu must be removed from power immediately because he is abandoning prisoners to face death.

➖ The destruction of Hamas and the return of prisoners have become contradictory goals.

➖ We will go to the Knesset and demonstrate there, and people will return the prisoners to their homes.

➖ We tell the Council of Ministers of the War Cabinet that the living prisoners must be returned immediately through a prisoner exchange agreement.

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