Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah: Martyr Raisi Is A Perfect Role Model For Us

Saturday 25 May 2024 - 08:46

The commemoration ceremony of martyr Raisi and martyr Amir-Abdollahian and their companions was held in Dahieh Beirut with the speech of Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah and the presence of a large number of Lebanese people.

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah said in this ceremony:

– We are in the days of the liberation of resistance, but because of this heartbreaking incident, we will not celebrate these holidays.

– In addition to the retreat of the Zionist enemy in these days, which I will mention, I also offer my condolences for the loss of the great Allamah, Sheikh Ali Korani.

– We offer our condolences to the main mourner, Imam Zaman (AS), Imam Khamenei and the dear, patient and honorable people of Iran.

– We will divide today’s speech into three parts: 1- About martyr Raisi and his foreign minister. 2- Iran’s role in the region. 3- Al-Aqsa storm operation.

– We need examples and role models in society, these beloved martyrs were role models. Martyr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi is a perfect example for us in all the responsibilities he held until the moment of martyrdom: the responsibility of Astan Quds Razavi, the head of the judiciary and the presidency of Iran.

– In the first stage, he was the servant of Al-Reza (a.s.) with the responsibility he had at the threshold of Astan Quds, and he created a huge transformation there. He put an end to administrative bureaucracy in the judicial system.

– He also made a big change in the head of the judiciary and eliminated a lot of administrative paperwork to speed up the judgment.

– During his three-year presidency, he was very hardworking and brave and gave special care to the disadvantaged in the society. He did not know comfort and rest and (in addition to normal days) he also went on provincial trips on holidays.

– From the beginning of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, in addition to sanctions and economic pressures, they imposed a war, which in my opinion was a world war against Iran.

– At the very beginning, they carried out assassinations against Iran, and great figures such as Beheshti, Rajaei, Bahonar, Motahhari, Mofatteh, etc. were martyred; Iran has overcome these crises with God’s help.

– Then they involved Iran in the nuclear case and related sanctions, and martyr Raisi worked tirelessly to serve the people of Iran and confront the cruel sanctions against his country.

– President Raisi had many achievements in improving Iran’s economy. The distribution of 1,785,000 plots of land among the people in order to provide housing was one of his measures during his short presidency.

– The people of Iran call President Raisi a martyr of service because he visited different cities and provinces and supervised the implementation of projects. Iran’s oil production increased significantly during the period of President Raisi.

– His foreign policy was based on giving priority to the East without cutting ties with the West. He did not refrain from any kind of spiritual, political, financial, etc. support for the resistance for the freedom of Quds and Islamic sanctuaries.

– Foreign Minister martyr Amir Abdollahian’s diplomatic efforts regarding the resistance front are highly commendable. Dr. Amir Abdollahian was a lover of resistance and a believer in the path of resistance.

– Continuous visit to Lebanon was one of martyr Amir Abdollahian’s measures to support the resistance. In his personality (Dr. Amir Abdollahian) love for resistance, Lebanon and Palestine was institutionalized.

– Humility and being a people person was one of the most prominent characteristics of the martyred Iranian president and foreign minister. The love and interest of these two nobles was reserved for the deprived and the needy, which was derived from the school of Islam and the conduct of Imam Khomeini.

– Martyr Raisi was a scholar, a jurist, a believer, a person of religion, a person of piety, humble and loving and a servant of the people. He was brave in facing the tyrants and pharaohs of the time. He was a supporter of the resistance.

– The Iranian President’s speech at the Arab-Islamic summit in Riyadh was the strongest speech in support of the Palestinian nation. Martyr Raisi said in a speech at the Arab-Islamic Summit in Jeddah: I kiss the hands of the fighters of Hamas and the Palestinian resistance in Gaza. This is very important as a sentence of the president of Iran.

– The media propaganda attack against Iran, with the allocation of billions of dollars, has started on a large scale since the beginning of the martyrdom of these nobles. Friends and enemies should know that, like the bitter incidents of the past, these incidents will not disrupt the ideals of the Islamic Revolution.

– The most passionate funeral ceremony in the world was the funeral of Imam Khomeini, the martyr General Soleimani and the funeral of these dignitaries, which is unique in the history of mankind and cannot be found similar to it. The message of this enthusiastic welcome is loyalty and love for the path of Imam Khomeini.

– Despite all sanctions, assassinations and bitter incidents, Iran is still standing and has made significant progress in many fields.

– One of the reasons for the failure of the US foreign policies is that these policies are far from the existing realities.

– Islamic Iran is not a third world country, but it is a country that is standing with full strength and authority under a wise and brave leadership.

– The enemy expected that the martyrdom of the president of Iran would lead to demonstrations and riots in this country, but the grandiose funeral in the cities of Iran shattered their imagination. Since 1979, Islamic Iran has not only not weakened and retreated, but has become stronger year by year.

– The detractors say that Hezbollah is a clan and tribal group, so where do these passionate funerals of the bodies of Hezbollah’s martyrs in the entire country of Lebanon come from?!

– Islamic Iran has been and will remain the strongest supporter of Palestine and resistance throughout history and the world.

– Anyone who seeks to weaken Iran, its retreat, or who seeks Iran to give up Palestine and resistance, is living in a delusion!

– The difficult conditions that the Zionist regime is facing this year have never been seen in its 76 years of its existence. The Zionist enemy openly admits its weakness and difficult situation during the Al-Aqsa storm.

– If the resistance had surrendered, the whole world and even the Arab countries would have congratulated Israel and not even condoled the dead of the resistance.

– Who would have believed that the Hague Court would seek to arrest Netanyahu and the regime’s war minister? Today, Israel is before the International Court of Justice.

– Demonstrations in Western countries and gatherings in universities are popular protests and all human movements.

– In Israel, critics and former heads of the regime say with which army do you want to go to Lebanon? While you have not yet come out of Gaza!

– Netanyahu is like the devil, he only seeks to save himself. Hundreds of families of Israeli soldiers wrote that we do not want to go to war. They are going down. Our enemies are stupid, and the longer the war goes on, the greater will be the destruction and consequences for the enemy.

– Netanyahu says we have a shocking and surprising new plan! In response, I say: Wow, what a surprise you are? First, you were surprised at the beginning of the war. Hamas surprised you. Your entire security system is gone. You were surprised on the 8th of October on the Lebanese front. All your media said that Hezbollah will not enter the war because of the situation in Lebanon, but you were surprised. Yemen also surprised you and challenged the whole world. Iraq also surprised you. You didn’t expect Iran’s answer, but Iran’s ‘True Promise’ surprised you. This is a surprise for Netanyahu! Not your words.

– We have understood all your steps, deceptions and threats for 41 years. Our front is to help Gaza and we said this from the beginning.

– We do not hide the number of our martyrs and we are proud of them.

– We have secondary goals from this war, but the main goal is to help Gaza. Our second goal is to prevent the spread of Israeli war-mongering to Lebanon. Our third goal is the liberation of Palestine.

– Loyalty and stability are important in this matter. If God helps you, no one can defeat you.

– I ask God to bless the deceased in this accident (helicopter crash of the president of Iran) and to give patience to the survivors. Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.

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