The 3rd anniversary of the Zaria massacre and the arrest of Nigerian Shiite leader Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky

Thursday 13 December 2018 - 13:37

On December 12, on a day like this 3-years ago soldiers massacred over 350 men, women & children when they stormed Husainiyyah compound of Islamic Movement in Nigeria(IMN) in Zaria and arrested the Nigerian Shiites leader.

On the afternoon of 12 December 2015, soldiers opened fire on protesters blocking a road in the Nigerian city of Zaria. Over the following two days, more than 350 protesters and supporters of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria were killed at two sites in Zaria.


In 2015 President Muhammadu Buhari pledged to investigate evidence of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity committed by the military, but to date no concrete steps have been taken to end endemic impunity for such crimes.


Sheik Ibraheem El Zakzaky, leader of IMN has been in inlawuful detention since Dec. 2015. Court ruling ordering his immediate release was ignored by Nigerian govt. Six of his sons were killed by soldiers too…

Although 6 sons of Sheik El-Zakzaky were massacred by soldiers, ironically he is the only one being tried for murder.


Amnesty International has investigated the events of 12-14 December 2015 and visited the sites of the killings and an alleged mass grave.

The findings of these investigations are presented in this report, along with recommendations to the Nigerian government and the international community.

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