In the Name of Lajaward Road, in Favor of Exploiters

Tuesday 18 December 2018 - 08:41

Lajaward road (Lapis Lazuli Route) is a plan that was proposed by Ashraf Ghani Government and was worked on in the last three years.

This road connects Afghanistan (border cities Aghinah north of Faryab and Turghandi north of Harat) after a distance of 2500-2800 km through Turkmenistan, Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Black Sea and Turkey to Europe and free waters, which has a great impact on economical and political situation of not only Afghanistan but also middle Asia.

Unlike popular opinion that imagine this road has benefits for Afghanistan, it has more benefit and exploitation for western counties, i.e., Europe and USA.


Lajaward road (Lapis Lazuli Route)


Some important facts about the Lajaward Road:


1. Continuation of colonization in Afghanistan by USA and Europe via military bases and members close to West.
2. Connecting Southern Asia, China, Turkey and Europe via Afghanistan.
3. Economical book and foreign investing in Afghanistan specially European.
4. Decrease of Afghanistan need to Iran and Pakistan in transportation which indeed has influences on the economy of both countries.
5. China interest in the project and spending billion dollars over it.
6. Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia interest in the project to be closer to Europe and less dependent on Russia. They are looking for such a relationship for years.
7. Europe less independent on Russia, specially in energy since raw materials and fossil fuels can be exported from Afghanistan to Europe.


In addition to economical benefit for Afghanistan, this road has strategic importance for Europe and USA to continue their influence over the region.

By turning Afghanistan into their central base in Middle Asia, they intend to confront Islamic civilization of Iran, Orthodox Christianity of Russia and Confucius civilization of China.


The importance of Lajaward Road, and similar projects is not only about Afghanistan but has importance in economic war between traditional and emerging economy powers, in which countries like Russia and Iran are bypassed and countries like Turkey and China gain more power.


Turkish influence on Afghanistan in recent years in different fields such as education and economy is increasing. To illustrate this influence we can take a look at General Dostam decisions and stands in previous and future presidential elections and other issues.

Political trade offs and playing roles for foreign powers change people.


In the history of colonization (from UK to Russia and now USA), they always want Afghanistan not having a consistent powerful central government, thus dissociation plans such as tribal, racial, narcotics cultivation, population control and etc. should be always implemented.


In addition to what has been mentioned, Afghanistan contains huge mines of lithium, diamond, iron, copper, gold, uranium and natural gas, which makes it more interesting for USA and Europe.

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